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I feel I owe you an apology.  I started this blog as an outlet, to express what I couldn’t in my real life.  I was engaged to be married, and she wasn’t appreciative of my opinions on a number of issues.  She is no longer part of my life, so I have been able to express myself freely.  I will be using this blog more from now on, and I’ve been considering doing something bigger.  I’ll let you know how that goes, but it may be a few months.

David Parkinson – A Belfast Atheist


Con man came to Ireland

I was a bit late to catch this story.  Faith Healer Jeff Garvin was in Belfast last month curing bad knees, ankles, hearing, etc.  No amputees this time, maybe on his next visit he’ll visit some well deserving war heroes who lost limbs fighting for freedom and peace.  I’m sure there is some devout Christian soldier out their missing a leg or an arm.  How about something smaller like an eye.  Surely, s/he deserves to be healed by this God fella they worship.  This doesn’t happen.  The lady who had her hearing aid removed is probably watching her TV as I type this, with the volume up full.  The lady with knee problems will continue to have knee problems.

These well meaning people are being conned.  Worse, they are being conned by a bad man because they were conned by well meaning good people (their parents and their family) when they were children.

I wonder if Jeff ever follows up on anyone he has healed (I use the term “healed” loosely, of course).  I wonder if he ever tells them to check with their GP, just as a casual follow up to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

I want to see Jeff walk into a hospital full of dying children.  If he really has this gift, and wanted to help, I can’t think of a better place for him to be.  If he did that, and his abilities were real, I’d be tempted to convert.  But that is never going to happen.  Not because he doesn’t care, but because he knows that he is a fraud.

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Calling atheists in Northern Ireland


Calling atheists in Northern Ireland

February 23, 2012 by 
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Please get in touch or we’ll miss the opportunity.

It was some months ago that we put out our original call for atheists living in Northern Ireland to contact us with a view to forming an active group there. We had quite a bit of interest and a few people tried to organize a local meeting to get the group started, but this has not materialized.

More recently, one of our Northern Ireland members, Tom Johnston, kindly volunteered to persevere with this and coordinate setting up the inaugural meeting, but the response has been disappointing. Here is a recent message from Tom:

“I am deterined to fight the religious hatred here in NI once and for all. I cannot and will not stand by and watch those I love being decieved by hatred. I will uphold the fact that there is no god and that people are not going to suffer in hell. I am a former teacher with the International Bible School, and I can fight the religious bigots, but I need your help. So come on Northern Ireland, let us stand together. Please please contact me and I’ll do my best go get this group going, but I need your help!

You can contact Tom here.

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