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The Irish PM attacks Vatican

I’ve been putting off expressing my opinion of the Catholic Church, and I will continue to put it off, because I have a lot that I want to say.  All I want to do now is to remind people that the Holy See does not care about Catholics, only themselves.  I’m not going to make my case now, because it’s going to be a big post which I want to spend some time working on it.

Having said that, something big and wonderful has happened.  The head of a country has came out against the Vatican.  I hope this sets an example for other leaders.

You can read about it here:

And you can read the damning report which lead to the criticism here:


50 Renowned Academics Speaking About God

It’s refreshing to hear from academics who aren’t Richard Dawkins, not that I have anything against Richard, but it’s just nice hearing from others.

Norway massacre

I, like many others, woke up this morning to the horrific news of a lone gunman who killed 80+ (mostly teenagers), and set off a car bomb outside the president of Norway’s office, killing 7 people.

The thought which automatically popped into my head was, how is religion connected to this, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It turns out that Breivik is a Christian Fundamentalist with far-right political leanings and has anti-muslim views.

Living within a comfortable margin of delusion is understandable, but too much will kill people!

Is it safe to be an Atheist in Belfast?

Last night a saw a proud Atheist wearing his Scarlet “A” t-shirt in Belfast International Airport and it got me thinking: I live in a country where Catholic Nationalists and Protestant Unionists have a history of killing each other and there are still factions on both sides who aren’t finished and I started to ponder the question…are Atheists really in danger here? Would either side really care that I’m an Atheist?

For being an Atheist, even an outspoken one? No, I don’t think they would. They would probably view me as no more than an oddity. I can’t imagine them sticking a bomb under my car or anything like that. Not because I’m an Atheist. I don’t broadcast my Atheism everywhere I go, but I don’t keep it a secret either. I would hope that no one could tell that I’m a godless infidel without me telling them, and I only tell them if it natural comes up in conversation, normally when someone says something stupid. I’m shocked every time I think about how many people I know, and am good friends with, who don’t accept biological evolution. When someone says something pro-creationism I normally reply with something condescending before activating my brain.

I’d be tempted to test this by wearing very clear Atheist t-shirts around Belfast city center on busy shopping days to see if I get any attention, but I don’t find the t-shirts all that attractive. I have the “A” tie-tack, but it’s a bit too small to catch anyones attention.

Home…sweet? home

An Atheist’s Day in Belfast..A Story. by Poemsapennyeach