Gay Pride and Nature vs. Nurture

It was Gay Pride Week last week here in Belfast and there was a lot of love and gayness in the air. I want to cover a popular argument: Is homosexuality due to genetics (Nature) or a choice (Nurture)?

The answer is…it doesn’t fucking matter!

The other answer is that it’s nature. The current scientific consensus among Evolutionary Bioligists and Geneticists is that homosexuality is naturally occurring. And I prefer to take the opinions of highly educated individuals throughout the world reporting on their observations in reality, especially when the vast majority of them agree, than rely on people who take their instruction from a book which is 1,000’s of years out of date, or people who just find it “icky”.

Equal rights for members of the LGBT community? Of course! Why is this even an issue!? Equal rights for EVERYONE. This may surprise a few people, but that also means equal rights for people you do not agree with. I’m sorry if you don’t like that, but hard cheese.

Should they be allowed to get married? Of course! Not only that, but they should be allowed to get married in a church of their choice. Saying that I also have to add that churches should be allowed to refuse to offer that service, regardless of their reasons. I just happen to think they’re being dicks when they refuse to marry a loving couple because of their gender.

That’s my short rant for today.


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