The meaning of life, according to a couple of Christians!

Joey Hodge has posted on a couple of my posts:

He and his friend Glen Veltum has started a podcast called Think Between the Lines (  “Think Between the Lines is a Christian podcast and blog dedicated to discussing the clash between worldviews and exploring how presuppositions influence all conversations about the things that matter most.”  Their presupposition is that Christianity is true.  They never explain how they know that, maybe they’ll explain it in a future episode, but I won’t hold my breathe.  That’s not what I want to talk about in this post.  I want to talk about their latest episode (#5 The Meaning of Life part 2).

They spent part 1 critiquing the meaning of life according to others, but I have to say their opinion of what the meaning of life is, has got to be the worst.  Not just because it’s demeaning to all humans, but because it makes no sense to an intelligent being.  And it’s highly demeaning to their own personal God for good measure.  I have more respect for their God than they do (and as you can imagine, my respect for the Christian God ranks somewhere around zero).

So what is the meaning of life?  It turns out that we’re here for God; God is not here for us.

Sounds pretty straight forward.  I can imagine every Christian I know subscribing to that way of thinking.  Then they went on to explain what that means, and I agree with them.  If the Christian worldview is true, they are spot on.  So here it is:

  • We are slaves to God.
  • What is going on in our lives does not matter.

They make their God out to be very petty.  Us humans now accept that slavery is immoral.  Sure, it’s great for the slave owners, but you’re not going to get a consensus from everyone involved (slaves). Joey and Glen seem to think their God is petty (created thinking beings, solely for his own benefit) and immoral (supports slavery).

They make it clear that God doesn’t care about you and your circumstances.  It doesn’t matter to God if you’re in a bad marriage, if you can’t afford to get by, if your life sucks.  All that matters to God is that you do his bidding, and don’t expect God to help you out, no matter how good a slave you are to him.  Why would anyone believe that?  Why would anyone want to?  And even if it is true, why would you respect a God like that?  How could you respect a God like that?  That God is not a loving God.  That God is not a merciful God.

Note: I’ve since uploaded a follow up to this post: The meaning of life, according to an atheist


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