Calling atheists in Northern Ireland


Calling atheists in Northern Ireland

February 23, 2012 by 
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Please get in touch or we’ll miss the opportunity.

It was some months ago that we put out our original call for atheists living in Northern Ireland to contact us with a view to forming an active group there. We had quite a bit of interest and a few people tried to organize a local meeting to get the group started, but this has not materialized.

More recently, one of our Northern Ireland members, Tom Johnston, kindly volunteered to persevere with this and coordinate setting up the inaugural meeting, but the response has been disappointing. Here is a recent message from Tom:

“I am deterined to fight the religious hatred here in NI once and for all. I cannot and will not stand by and watch those I love being decieved by hatred. I will uphold the fact that there is no god and that people are not going to suffer in hell. I am a former teacher with the International Bible School, and I can fight the religious bigots, but I need your help. So come on Northern Ireland, let us stand together. Please please contact me and I’ll do my best go get this group going, but I need your help!

You can contact Tom here.

Atheism UK was set up for active atheists who want to make a difference – it’s time for action!


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