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Ali G in northern ireland


Religion brings people together…

…as long as everyone adheres to only one religion, otherwise all bets are off.  Religion divides people.  It divides people more than any other force on the planet.  Why is it so hard for people to see that?  Christians are all connected with their faith in the risen Christ, except they’re not.  There are thousands of different versions of christianity and they all think the others have it wrong.  It’s easy for the Pope to meet with Jewish and Islamic leaders and make small talk about being united in faith, but when it actually comes done to it, they are completely opposed to each other.

I wonder how many of you Christians realise why there are so many variations.  It’s simple really, one church splits into two when they don’t agree, which then splits into four, and so on.

Religion is the great divider.

Interesting local news to make my point: Orange Order action over UUP attendance at Kerr funeral

Those of you who are not local to Northern Ireland may not be familiar with Ronan Kerr, the Catholic Police Officer who was killed by a car bomb.  The story in a nut shell is two high up members of the Orange Order (Protestant/Unionist) attended the Catholic funeral out of respect.  For this Mr Elliot and Kennedy have my respect for their humane act which goes counter to their religious conviction which denies them the right to attend any Catholic Masses.

For showing an ounce of humanity they now face disciplinary hearings.  Don’t tell me religion and faith brings people together.  It never has, and it never will!  Unless you count bringing people together in confrontation!

Is it safe to be an Atheist in Belfast?

Last night a saw a proud Atheist wearing his Scarlet “A” t-shirt in Belfast International Airport and it got me thinking: I live in a country where Catholic Nationalists and Protestant Unionists have a history of killing each other and there are still factions on both sides who aren’t finished and I started to ponder the question…are Atheists really in danger here? Would either side really care that I’m an Atheist?

For being an Atheist, even an outspoken one? No, I don’t think they would. They would probably view me as no more than an oddity. I can’t imagine them sticking a bomb under my car or anything like that. Not because I’m an Atheist. I don’t broadcast my Atheism everywhere I go, but I don’t keep it a secret either. I would hope that no one could tell that I’m a godless infidel without me telling them, and I only tell them if it natural comes up in conversation, normally when someone says something stupid. I’m shocked every time I think about how many people I know, and am good friends with, who don’t accept biological evolution. When someone says something pro-creationism I normally reply with something condescending before activating my brain.

I’d be tempted to test this by wearing very clear Atheist t-shirts around Belfast city center on busy shopping days to see if I get any attention, but I don’t find the t-shirts all that attractive. I have the “A” tie-tack, but it’s a bit too small to catch anyones attention.

Home…sweet? home

An Atheist’s Day in Belfast..A Story. by Poemsapennyeach