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Sue the Catholic Church

Well said!


Is the Vatican cooperating fully with the Irish Government?

Is the vatican cooperating fully with the irish government? by Michael Nugent

I highly recommend giving this article a read.  Michael gives you a look inside the Vatican’s linguistic tricks to avoid blame, such as ‘mental reservation’.

I hate it when they try to shift the blame

The difference being, when a man outside of the Catholic Church anally rapes a child, he feels the full force of the law and is fully condemned by society.  When a priest anally rapes a child, he is shielded and protected by one of the most powerful organisations on the planet.  And because this organisation has been so successful at corrupting the minds of millions, many otherwise decent individuals will refuse to accept the truth and actively fight in defense of these monsters.

Deeper and deeper they dig

A guy hired by the Catholic Church to ensure paedophiles didn’t gain access to children in church’s has admitted to 12 counts of making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.  The Catholic Church just keeps digging.  And no, there’s no sign that he’ll get excommunicated.










Catholic Priests are at it again!

Convicted pedophile Brother Robert Best has pleaded guilty to 27 charges of abusing 11 boys between 1969 and 1988.  There have been at least 26 victims of sexual abuse at schools where he taught who have committed suicide.

Bishop of Ballarat Peter Connors made it clear to AAP (Australian Associated Press) that he doesn’t think further investigation is necessary.  No surprise there, the Catholic Church doesn’t like being held to the same laws as everyone else.

You can rape 9 year old boys until their back passage bleeds and they pass out and you won’t be excommunicated, but save the life of a 9 year old girl, who was raped and impregnated by her father, by performing a necessary abortion and they’ll excommunicate you (Which means you’re going to burn for all time in HELL, where there will be great gnashing of teeth!).  Incase you’re wondering, the father who raped her was not excommunicated.  Just the 9 year old, her doctors and her distraught mother.

Catholic Church, where’s the love and compassion you take so much pride in preaching to others.,8599,1883598,00.html

When people try to defend the Catholic Church, my blood boils!

Catholics should be demanding justice from their Church, not making excuses for them!