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Why it would be wrong to legalise gay marriage, by the Archbishop of Canterbury

In the Daily Mail the Archbishop of Canterbury has again spoken out in opposition to human rights and human dignity.  He states:

“The law has no right to legalise same-sex marriage, the Archbishop of Canterbury declared yesterday.”

I don’t know where he got that idea from.  It’s equivalent to someone arguing that doughnut makers don’t have the right to make doughnuts.  That’s what they do, it’s why they exist.

“Dr Rowan Williams said a new marriage law for gay couples would amount to forcing unwanted change on the rest of the nation.”

So?  I don’t get his point here.  In what way does this change anything for members of the public who prefer the opposite gender?  There really aren’t any secular reasons to support this bigotry.  And that’s all it is, bigotry.

“…it would go against the beliefs of most people.”

If most people thought it was a good idea to keep slaves, is that justification to allow it to happen?  As soon as I finished typing that I thought I had committed a logical fallacy, that the two were not equivalent, but it turns out to be more true than I first thought.  In both cases, the focus is on denying rights and dignity to men and women.

“Dr Williams’s predecessor in Lambeth Palace, Lord Carey, notably told the Mail last week that same-sex marriage laws would be ‘one of the  greatest political power grabs in history’.”

This statement made me smile because many said the same thing when women were fighting for equal rights.  It filled me with hope.

“The Archbishop said human rights law ‘falls short of a legal charter to promote change in institutions’.”

Nobody is telling him that CofE has to support or marry same-gender couples in their churches.  That is a completely separate issue.  They can marry, or refuse to marry, anyone they choose.  That has always been the case, and will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.

He talks about assisted dying also, as if these two things are equivalent.  I hope I don’t have to tell you that they’re not.  Terry Pratchett did a great documentary about the subject which is well worth watching, Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die.


Know anyone suffering from a same sex detachment disorder?

Gay Pride and Nature vs. Nurture

It was Gay Pride Week last week here in Belfast and there was a lot of love and gayness in the air. I want to cover a popular argument: Is homosexuality due to genetics (Nature) or a choice (Nurture)?

The answer is…it doesn’t fucking matter!

The other answer is that it’s nature. The current scientific consensus among Evolutionary Bioligists and Geneticists is that homosexuality is naturally occurring. And I prefer to take the opinions of highly educated individuals throughout the world reporting on their observations in reality, especially when the vast majority of them agree, than rely on people who take their instruction from a book which is 1,000’s of years out of date, or people who just find it “icky”.

Equal rights for members of the LGBT community? Of course! Why is this even an issue!? Equal rights for EVERYONE. This may surprise a few people, but that also means equal rights for people you do not agree with. I’m sorry if you don’t like that, but hard cheese.

Should they be allowed to get married? Of course! Not only that, but they should be allowed to get married in a church of their choice. Saying that I also have to add that churches should be allowed to refuse to offer that service, regardless of their reasons. I just happen to think they’re being dicks when they refuse to marry a loving couple because of their gender.

That’s my short rant for today.